Chef Sai Sakham Chou of Burma Taste, a Burmese restaurant in Sunnyvale, has been accused of sexual harassment by a female employee “half his age,” according to a lawsuit.

In a complaint filed with the Santa Clara County Superior Court on Feb. 17, the plaintiff, a server and student from Myanmar identified by the pseudonym Jane Doe, worked for Burma Taste for one year before resigning due to repeated verbal and physical sexual harassment, according to her attorney, Navruz Avloni, from the San Francisco firm Avloni Law.

Owners Win Min Thant and Khin Sandi Thu, whose company operates Burma Taste under the name Golden State Foods LLC, are also named in the suit, which alleges that the owners and chef created a hostile work environment, and that the owners failed to prevent her sexual harassment by their chef, retaliated when Doe complained and threatened other Burma Taste employees with termination if they assisted Doe in filing the suit.