Navruz “Nav” Avloni is the Founder and CEO of Avloni Law, a boutique plaintiffs’ litigation law firm known for taking on some of the world’s largest corporations and entities to fight for victims’ rights through employment litigation and more. With a decade of litigation experience, Nav has become a distinguished trial attorney and social justice advocate, vigorously fighting for civil rights across California. Her expertise covers all phases of litigation, from discovery through trials, arbitrations, and appeals, achieving notable results in cases involving race discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual harassment, and whistleblower claims. Nav’s high-profile representations include cases such as Kepnach, et al v. Four Barrel Coffee, Lambert v. Tesla, and Vaughn v. Tesla, highlighting her ability to secure favorable outcomes for her clients, such as the record $137 million verdict in Diaz v. Tesla.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Nav Avloni shares how her grandmother inspired her to go to law school
  • How moving to the United States as a child affected Nav’s identity
  • Nav’s experience working in a civil rights law firm and handling high-profile cases
  • The challenges involved in setting up a new practice
  • Nav talks about her experience as an immigrant and underrepresented individual
  • What motivates Nav to continue protecting underdogs?

In this episode…

Navigating the complex landscape of high-profile litigation and advocating for the rights of the underrepresented can be challenging. How does one manage to not only survive but thrive in such a demanding environment and make a significant impact on social justice?

According to Nav Avloni, a formidable trial attorney and social justice advocate, the answer lies in a blend of personal conviction, relentless pursuit of justice, and strategic litigation practices. Nav emphasizes the importance of meticulous preparation and a deep understanding of each case’s unique dynamics. She believes in empowering her clients by giving them a platform to share their stories, thereby humanizing the legal process. This method not only strengthens their cases but also raises public awareness about critical social justice issues.

In this episode, John Corcoran speaks with Nav Avloni, Founder and CEO of Avloni Law, about her immigrant roots and her path to founding her own firm. They delve into the strategies behind navigating high-profile cases, the importance of empowering the underrepresented, and Nav’s relentless pursuit of justice. Through this conversation, listeners will gain insight into the complexities of civil rights litigation and the power of advocacy in effecting meaningful change.

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